Sunday, July 22, 2012

Favor bags on the cheap...

Party favors are by NO means required, but I for one love doing them. For Elaina's first birthday party, which was safari animal themed, my mom crocheted 6" animals for each of the kids and attached them to a chinese favor box filled with animal crackers. They were a huge hit.

This year, I decided to do a favor bag, but wanted something in it that the kids would actually use/enjoy. 

Here's an example of what each kids bag contained. First off, the bag itself is reusable. They're a Target $1 bin find. I got 4 different designs, each Sesame Street themed. Inside were 3 books, 1 was another Target $1 bin find and the two write-n-wipe books were from Dollar Tree. Crayons were purchased at Wal-Mart for $0.25/pack, crazy straws were 6/$1, snack size ziploc bags were filled with Sesame Street themed snacks (Goldfish crackers & Cookie Crisp), and the two coloring sheets were printed for free from online sources.

That brings each bag to a total of...less than $5. I'm gonna say around $4.50 - $4.75! THAT is a bargain in my book. And the good part is that this isn't $5 worth of trinkety (made up word?) junk that's going to get tossed within a couple of minutes. 

Moral of this story? Dollar Tree & $1 Bins are your friend!!!


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