Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MIA apologies

So, I've been MIA lately. I don't know why honestly.

In the past month I've been working on Elaina's birthday party (this weekend!), starting Weight Watchers (7.5lbs gone! woohoo), and working (boo)!
Elaina is quite the chatterbox now. She's constantly asking "Whasdat?" which is her way of saying "What's that?" She's started composing small sentences/questions, which I love. She's also saying "Wuv you mommy/daddy/papaw/nana/mamaw". THAT melts my heart like nothing else. Even if she doesn't understand what she's saying, it's still so sweet to hear.

As far as the birthday party is concerned, we're pretty excited. Elmo himself will be making an appearance. Yeah, can't wait for that! Elaina is going to love it! I promise pictures soon.

Now some randoms from the last month...


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